Diabetes Type 2 Horizon Scanning Vol 2 Issue 2

February 8, 2010

Quitting smoking and diabetes risk

February 8, 2010

Source: NHS Evidence – diabetes

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Date of publication: 11 January 2010

Publication type: Web page

In a nutshell: A ‘Behind the Headlines’ commentary on a story published in the Times, which said a study has found that quitters are twice as likely as smokers, and 70% more likely than non-smokers, to have type 2 diabetes.

Length of publication: 1 page

Digital Pens Improve Treatment of Acute Diabetes in Germany

February 8, 2010

Source: EHealth News

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Date of publication: Nov 2009

Publication type: News story

In a nutshell: DiabCareOnline, from German company Ontaris, combines a blood glucose meter and patient diary with the Anoto digital pen and a mobile phone to enable faster communication of patient data. The new system is being rolled out to diabetes patients at Bethesda Hospital in Stuttgart, Germany.
When patients measure their blood sugar with the meter and fill in their patient diaries, the Anoto digital pen automatically captures their handwritten notes and converts them into digital format.

Length of publication: 1 web page

1 in 5 hospital patients in the UK has diabetes

February 8, 2010

Source: Diabetes UK

Date of publication: 25 January 2010

Publication type: News story

In a nutshell: The first ever diabetes audit of 200 NHS hospitals has found that 20 per cent of patients on hospital wards have diabetes – twice the proportion previously estimated.  The audit also shows that people with diabetes stay in hospital longer than other patients.

Length of publication: due to be published later this year

Using support groups in the continuum of patient

February 8, 2010

Source: Case Management Advisor, 20 (11) p. 129-130

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Date of publication: November 2009

Publication type: Journal Article

In a nutshell: Support groups are being facilitated by healthcare professionals in the US to provide continuing education. The diabetes support group at Mount Carmel East Hospital in Columbus is promoted to people enrolling in diabetes classes when first diagnosed to continue learning about the disease. The facilitator invites ‘experts’ and introduces a monthly topic for discussion plus opportunities for questions and sharing ideas.

Length of publication: 2 pages

Acknowledgement: Cinahl

Some important notes: You will need your NHS Athens to access this article in full text.

Type 2 diabetes is still a silent killer

February 8, 2010

Source: Diabetes UK

Date of publication: 18 January 2010

Publication type: News story; survey

In a nutshell: Diabetes UK has published its 2009 survey of people with diabetes and access to healthcare services.  The findings indicate that 56 per cent of people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes last year did not even suspect they could have the condition, as they failed to identify its early symptoms.

Some important notes: Link available to report [16p pdf]

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February 8, 2010

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