A new look for diabetes services

June 29, 2015

Source:  RightCare

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Date of publication: 30 June 2015

Publication type: News story

Length of publication: 1 web page

In a nutshell: Unacceptable variations in patient experience pushed commissioners in North East Essex to put diabetes services out to tender.


Best practice for commissioning diabetes services

April 7, 2013

Source: NHS Diabetes

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Date of publication: March 2013

Publication Type: Report

In a nutshell: This commissioning guidance has been developed to support new commissioners and health professionals to deliver a joined up service from diagnosis through to end of life care for people with diabetes.

Length of publication: 40 pages, pdf

Acknowledgements: NHS Networks

Commissioning high-quality care for people with long-term conditions

April 7, 2013

Source: Nuffield Trust 

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Date of publication: March 2013

Publication type: Research report summary

In a nutshell: Includes case studies of how diabetes services were commisisoned in 3 high performing PCTs: Calderdale, Somerset and Wirral.  The authors consider how the themes they discovered will impact on the new clinical commissioning groups.

Length of publication: 20 page pdf

Implementing Local Diabetes Networks

February 13, 2013

Source: NHS Diabetes 

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Date of publication:  Jan 2013

Publication type: 25 page pdf

In a nutshell: Report for commissioners of diabetes services, providing guidance and support for the creation of local diabetes networks that can deliver high-quality, cost-effective care through the effective commissioning, delivery and monitoring of services.


SPOT: Spend and Outcome Factsheets and Tool

October 7, 2012

Source: Yorkshire and Humberside Public Health Observatory 

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Date of publication: updated Sept 2012

Publication type: Web site

In a nutshell: The Spend and Outcome Factsheets and Tool (SPOT) has been updated to include Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) information.  The tool was developed to help commissioners link health outcomes and expenditure via programme budgeting, a well-established technique for assessing investment in programmes of care rather than services.  Respiratory diseases, including COPD, is one of the programme areas. OR: Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic is one of the programme areas.

Length of publication: various



Commissioning excellent diabetes care

May 7, 2012

Title: Commissioning excellent diabetes care: An at a glance guide to the NHS Diabetes commissioning resource

Source: NHS Diabetes

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Date of publication: Feb 2012

Publication type: Commissioning Guide

In a nutshell: This guide describes 8 practical steps which will enable you to carry out the key commissioning tasks and deliver high-quality, efficient and cost-effective diabetes services.

Length of publication: 16 pages

Acknowledgements: NHS Networks

Tailored Diabetes Commissioning

December 7, 2011

Title: Tailored Diabetes Commissioning


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Date of publication:  Nov 2011

Publication type: Report

In a nutshell: Subtitled ‘Development of Local CQUIN & QOF Indicators for Diabetes’, this report brings together four case studies of best practice, with key recommendations for new commissioners and managers responsible for taking these initiatives forward.

Length of publication: 20p pdf

Acknowledgement: NHS Networks Commissioning Zone