AQuA Launches its ‘Improving Outcomes Pack for Diabetes’

July 7, 2013

Source: AQuA Newsletter June 2013 (AQuA login required for NW only)

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Date of publication: June 2013

Publication Type: News story

In a nutshell: This resource will be launched in July 2013 and aims to provide a “one stop” resource which will save you time, it includes:

  • A report giving an overview across the pathway
  • A dashboard and a suite of specific reports for each CCG in the North West setting out the position on Diabetes and highlighting areas where improvement action could be taken
  • Improvement materials
  • Case studies
  • Patient leaflets and information
  • Relevant guidelines and standards

Some important notes: A WebEx on 25th July at 12 noon to give a tour of the pack; follow this link if you would like to register. AQuA is dedicated to improving healthcare across the NHS in the North West; follow this link to create your account.


Health and wellbeing boards lack focus on diabetes care

June 7, 2013

Source: OnMedica

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Date of publication: May 2013

Publication Type: Report

In a nutshell: New health and wellbeing boards are not recognising the need to improve management of diabetes and not enough priority is given to preventing Type 2 diabetes.

Length of publication: 1 web page

Government acknowledges need for diabetes care improvements

April 7, 2013

Source: NHS Diabetes

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Date of publication: March 2013

Publication type: News story

In a nutshell: The government Treasury department published its response to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) 17th report from November 2012. Whilst the government statement highlights that improvements need to be made and set targets, Diabetes UK are disappointed that the statement does not address the urgency of change needed.

Length of publication: 1 web page

Acknowledgement: NHS Networks

Some Important Notes: Follow this link to read the PAC report on Diabetes Healthcare from November 2012 

 Follow this link to read the Treasury Response to the 17th Report February 2013

Evidence-based commissioning: using population impact measures to help primary care trusts estimate the benefit of interventions in diabetes and heart failure

May 10, 2010

Source: Quality & Safety in Health Care; 19 (1) p.31-36

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Date of publication: February 2010

Publication type: Journal article

In a nutshell: GPs in a Primary Care Trust tested the feasibility of applying population impact measures utilising local population data on established interventions for heart failure and diabetes mellitus. Concludes that local data and published literature estimates can be combined to produce the number of events prevented within a locally defined PCT population. Commissioners have shown interest in using such a measure to identify and quantify areas for improvement.

Length of publication: 5 pages

Some Important Notes: You will need your NHS Athens to access the full text of this article. Please follow this link to contact your local NHS Library should you need assistance

Acknowledgement: Cinahl