My Diabetes, My Way

September 10, 2012

SourceNHS Scotland 

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Date of publication:  Aug 2012

Publication type: Web site

In a nutshell: This interactive web site from NHS Scotland has been designed for people with diabetes and their families and friends to help find quality assured diabetes information and resources.  Includes videos and educational material to support self management.

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Diabetes patients ‘get more healthy living advice than they think’

April 7, 2012


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Date of publication: March 2012

Publication type: New story

In a nutshell: Researchers from Newcastle University reported at the Diabetes UK Professional Conference 2012, that clinicians routinely provide activity and diet advice to people who have diabetes. This conflicts with patient perceptions. 

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Help me manage

December 8, 2009

Title: Help me manage

Source:   Diabetes UK

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Date of publication:  November 2009

Publication type:  Case Study

In a nutshell: This case study documents the development of a PCT funded web site and information booklet to support people with Diabetes who have been transferred from secondary care to a primary care setting. The aim is to ensure that Diabetes sufferers have access to the same information as clinicians.  It highlights the collaboration between primary and secondary care.

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Some important notes: You can access the project web site at