NICE approves eye drug for diabetes

February 13, 2013

Source: BBC News

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Date of publication: January 2013

Publication type: News story

In a nutshell: NICE have now recommended ranibizumab as a potential eye saving treatment option for some people with visual impairment caused by diabetic macular oedema in new draft guidance. This reverses a decision in 2011 which found that the drug was too expensive. 

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Source: Health Management Bulletin, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals

Some important notes: Follow this link to read the rapid review of TA237 recommendations on the NICE web site

Preventing type 2 diabetes

August 9, 2012

Source: NICE, Preventing type 2 diabetes – risk identification and interventions for individuals at high risk (PH 38)

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Date of publication: June 2012

Publication type: Guideline

In a nutshell: This guidance is for everyone who is involved identifying people at high risk of type 2 diabetes and in preventing or delaying its onset.  Includes 20 recommendations can be used alongside the NHS Health Check programme.

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Acknowledgement: NHS Networks

Nice could save NHS £625m

October 7, 2011

Title: Following NICE guidelines for diabetes treatment ‘could save NHS £625m’

Source: NICE

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Date of publication: Sept 2011

Publication type: News item In a nutshell: A recent study indicates that following the NICE type 2 diabetes recommendation that human NPH insulin should be the first-line treatment offered could save the NHS £625m. It is worth noting that the BMJ Open study did acknowledge come limitations.

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Acknowledgements: NHS Networks

Some important notes: Link here to access the full text of the original study
Sarah E Holden, Chris D Poole, Christopher L Morgan, Craig J Currie (2011) Evaluation of the incremental cost to the National Health Service of prescribing analogue insulin BMJ Open 2011

NICE pathway – diabetes

June 7, 2011

Source: NICE

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Date of publication: May 2011

Publication type: Care pathway

In a nutshell: This online tool for health and social care professionals brings together,  for the first time, all connected NICE guidance on a topic in a user-friendly electronic flowchart.

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