Productivity Considerations for Service Design: Diabetes

April 7, 2011

Source: Map of Medicine

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Date of publication: March 2011

Publication type: Beta product

In a nutshell: This document should be used to achieve specific productivity improvements in Diabetes service design whilst maintaining the quality and safety of clinical care. This approach is being trialled as a beta product alongside the Map of Medicine Diabetes pathway, which covers all areas of a patient’s care.

Length of publication: 3 pages


Have your say on diabetes services

August 19, 2010

Source: NHS Manchester

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Date of publication: August 2010

Publication type: News story

In a nutshell: NHS Manchester are carrying out a short piece of work to improve diabetes services in the city. They are inviting patients and their relatives or friends to complete a short questionnaire or participate in a discussion group relating their experiences of care and highlighting necessary improvements.

Length of publication: 1 web page

Sheffield patients to benefit from new diabetes service

July 9, 2009

Source:   Sheffield Health

Date of publication:  June 2009

Publication type
:  News story

In a nutshell:   A community-based specialist diabetes support team has been launched by Central Sheffield GP Consortium, a cluster of 28 practices working together to improve services for patients in the centre of the city.
The groundbreaking team will not only deliver specialist support clinics in the community but provide training for GP practice nurses to provide ongoing diabetic care for patients who currently have to attend hospital outpatient clinics.

Length of publication: 
 1 page

Some important notes:  Includes a link to ‘Contact us’ for more information about the project.

Acknowledgement: NHS Diabetes