Diabetes Outcomes Versus Expenditure Tool (DOVE)

February 13, 2013

Source: Yorkshire & Humber Public Health Observatory

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Date of publication: January 2013

Publication type: Report

In a nutshell: The Diabetes Outcomes Versus Expenditure (DOVE) tool has been updated to provide data for 2011-12. It enables comparisons of expenditure on diabetes care with clinical outcomes for a selected CCG, other CCGs with similar populations and all other CCGs.

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Source: NHS Networks


Diabetes MUR toolkit launched

November 7, 2012

Source: Devon Local Pharmaceutical Committee

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Date of publication:  Oct 2012

Publication type: Toolkit

In a nutshell: Devon LPC, working in association with Sanofi Diabetes, Diabetes UK, NPA, PSNC and CPD Easy, have produced a diabetes MUR toolkit which pharmacists can use to support MUR consultations for patients who take medicines for diabetes.

Length of publication: 1 web page 

Source: NHS Networks

Productivity Considerations for Service Design: Diabetes

April 7, 2011

Source: Map of Medicine

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Date of publication: March 2011

Publication type: Beta product

In a nutshell: This document should be used to achieve specific productivity improvements in Diabetes service design whilst maintaining the quality and safety of clinical care. This approach is being trialled as a beta product alongside the Map of Medicine Diabetes pathway, which covers all areas of a patient’s care.

Length of publication: 3 pages

A model of care and service for adult patients with diabetes

November 7, 2009

Title: Development of a model of care and service specifications for adult patients with diabetes

Source: Diabetes UK

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Date of publication: Oct 2009

Publication type: Case Study

In a nutshell: NHS Somerset have developed a model of care involving patients, clinicians, commissioners and providers. The vision is for care to be more integrated and accessible, focussing on prevention, earlier diagnosis and support for self management. The model aims to deliver an equitable service across Somerset including: community based services, seamless care, educational programmes, healthy eating and physical activity programmes, management plans, access to specialist care and equality of access and choice. The majority of care for adult diabetes patients will take place in community settings, with specialist care (level 3) being provided in acute care hospitals.

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Transforming community services: ambition, action, achievement

September 7, 2009

Source:  Department of Health

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Date of publication:  July 2009

Publication type:  Best Practice Guides

In a nutshell: These 6 guides can contribute to the deliver of the next stage of High Quality Care for all and should be read in conjunction with the quality framework/quality indicators. Each guide focusses on one of the key areas for community services: health, well-being and reducing inequalities; children, young people & families; acute care closer to home; long term conditions;  rehabilitation; end of life care. The long term conditions guide can be used to benchmark provision, identifiy gaps and have informed discussions about future directions for Diabetes Type 2 specifically.

Length of publications: Various

Acknowledgement: Nursing Times

Developing and using care plans in type 2 diabetes

August 7, 2009

Source:   Practice Nurse, 37 (10) p.36-39

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Date of publication:  May 2009

Publication type:  Journal article

In a nutshell: This article indicates that the use of care plans by practice nurses can help patients feel supported to self care. It outlines the necessity with reference to a range of UK evidence and guidance including the NSF, “Our health, Our care, Our Say”, the NHS Modernisation Agency and the Audit Commission. The article also provides a model for an effective approach to improvement.

Length of publication:  3 pages

Some Important Notes: You will need your NHS Athens username and password to access the full text of this article.

Acknowledgement: Cinahl

Diabetes guide for London

April 23, 2009

Source: NeLM

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Date of publication: 2009

Publication type: Report

In a nutshell: This guide from Healthcare for London sets out a plan that aims to transform diabetes care in London over the next three years.  It advises clinicians and commissioners how to implement the new model of care, either developing their own care pathways or adapting existing pathways for their local areas.

Length of Publication: 1 page

Some important notes: Includes link to full text [84 page pdf]

Acknowledgements: NeLM